Ongoing and Completed Research Pilots and Projects

Linda Fleisher and Carrie Norbeck

Key Accomplishments

2010 to Present

  • Grown our membership to include over 200 new and early stage investigators, senior investigators, and community health educators working in transdisciplinary areas with a focus on the end of cancer health disparities.
  • Established a Scholar Committee to identify and link new and early stage investigators (ESIs) with funding opportunities, resources, faculty positions and job vacancies within and across GMaP regions.
  • Developed and implemented several regional supplement-funded pilot projects (see Ongoing and Completed Research Pilots and Projects for more detail).
  • Developed a Cohort Study – Core Infrastructure and Methodological Research for Cancer Epidemiology Cohorts (U01) proposal that included 15 regional partners.  To prepare for a resubmission (not funded), currently undertaking a smaller project with 4 institutions to gather pilot data.
  • Established ongoing quarterly CDRN calls open to interested investigators to define network priorities and plan future collaborative research efforts.
  • Held four regional face to face meetings (June 2010 in Chicago;  May 2011 in Philadelphia; April 2013 in  Chicago, July 2014 in Philadelphia, June 2015 planned for Chicago).
  • Presented posters and presentations about CDRN at numerous conferences (e.g., AACR Health Disparities, APHA and others).  Abstracts available upon request.
  • Developed a mixed method Comprehensive Needs Assessment Tool (CNAT to determine regional interests, strengths, weaknesses and needs around cancer health disparities research and implemented with Principal Investigators and Biospecimens Facility Administrators.  Survey data available upon request.
  • Developed a five-year regional Implementation Plan based on CNAT results to guide future growth and activity.
  • Developed an evaluation plan to oversee network’s objectives.


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