PIs: Linda Fleisher, Ph.D., MPH

Lead Institution: Fox Chase Cancer Center

Overview:   The purpose of this project is to adapt the existing Cancer 101 Biospecimens education module for multiple minority or medically underserved populations and then to evaluate the impact of the adapted modules on knowledge, beliefs and intent to participate in cancer biomedical research.

Participants:  11 institutional members of the CDRN are collaborating on this project.

Target Populations:  Chinese, South Asian, Hispanic, African American/Black, Appalachian, Native American.  Each population is being targeted by two institutions, except for Native American, which one institution is addressing.

Description:  In Phase1, 11 sites working with six populations groups in total conducted focus groups with their target population to gather recommendations for changes to the biospecimens training module.  Working together, the partner institutions then adapted the module to reflect the cultural and other recommendations suggested by their population group. The result was six distinct versions of the module in three languages.

In Phase 2, each of the 11 sites implemented the adapted Cancer 101 Biospecimens module with 50 members of their target population (100 per population group except for 50 Native Americans). A  pre/post design was utilized to determine changes in knowledge, beliefs and intention to participate in research. Analysis is underway.

Adapted modules and supportive materials will be available on www.cdrn.org when the pilot project is complete. For more information on the original Cancer 101 materials, please see The Cancer 101 Curriculum.